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About Us
We have been the proud owners of Bull Terriers for over 20 years. We started out with pet quality animals who were extremely special. It was the love and devotion to these animals who created in us the desire to produce our own Bull Terriers. It is our hope that the Bull Terriers we produce will strengthen the desired characteristics of the breed. We also breed for quality, not quantity, and therefore only have 1-2 litters every 2-3 years.

We go above and beyond to ensure that our animals are health tested for all the health issues that effect this breed. We BAER test our puppies for hearing, test our breeding age animals for heart, kidney and luxating patella issues and are selective in breeding only to animals who have been similary tested.

Our Bull Terriers are all raised in our home and by doing so, we ensure that they have the social skills necessary to live with other animals and children.

We take our responsibility as Bull Terrier breeders very seriously. We are responsible for every dog we produce and to the people who purchase them. We offer written sales agreements, including health guarantees. We also offer advice and support to those who purchase our dogs, at any time. As included in our written contract, we offer a lifetime agreement to take back any dog that we have produced, should this ever become necessary.

When we have puppies or dogs to place, we select the best possible home for each of them, they are not just "sold"  to the first buyer to come along. We visit with each prospective owner and do our best to match the temperament and needs of both the dog and owner.