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Welcome to Lechmere Bull Terriers
Lechmere Bull Terriers is located in Sugar Land, Texas. We are a small, family owned kennel who breed on a limited basis. We are members of the Bull Terrier Club of America, the Bull Terrier Club of Dallas, and founding members of the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club.

Our Bull Terriers are all BAER tested for hearing, heart tested by echocardiogram, and tested for kidney disease and patella luxation. Our Bull Terriers are all fed a modified raw diet which includes Innova Food, raw chicken, venison, fish, tripe and fruits and vegetables.  They all live together in our home as an extension to our family.

It is our goal to breed quality bull terriers who enhance the breed while being extremely conscious of the health of bull terriers in general. We health test all our dogs using the current BTCA recommendations for testing, and we breed only those which pass those tests.  Temperaments of our Bull Terriers are also topmost in our breeding program.  We breed Bull Terriers because we love the breed and desire to produce Bull Terriers which have superior temperaments, health, soundness and type.

Ch. Lechmere's Roll Gypsy Roll, Rom
"Gypsy" - Our first Homebred ROM Champion

Finally, if you are visiting our site because you own a Bull Terrier or are thinking about owning one, there are regional bull terrier clubs where you can have fun and learn more about the breed. For more information on the club nearest you, please visit the BTCA website at www.btca.com and take the link to regional clubs. Also, please keep in mind that if you are interested in a bull terrier, it may take time for the "right" one to come along. But if you and a Bully are right for each other, it is worth the wait! An excellent choice in the decision to get a Bull Terrier is to get a "rescue" dog. Adopting a rescue dog can be a very rewarding experience. For Bull Terriers, the national site for rescue information is: www.btca.com/rescue www.rescue.btca.com .  If you are in the Houston, Texas area the regional club is the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club.  Information on the TGCBTC and its rescue program can be found at www.texasbullterrier.org .

Ch. Lechmere's Our Tuppence, ROM
"Penny" - Our second homebred ROM Champion